Fee Schedule

Administration Fees

The City of La Center offers the following services to the public:

Public Records Act Fees

Download the Public Records Act Fee Schedule.

Notary Public

Notaries are $5.00 for the first two signatures, $5.00 each additional signature.

Amusement License

The City of La Center imposes an amusement license for anyone operating amusement machines inside the city limits. The fee for video games, dart games and jukebox machine is $37.50 per machine per calendar year; $25.00 per pool table per calendar year.

Sign/Banner Permits

Sign/Banner permits are required inside the city limits. Please review the complete fee schedule for pricing.

Pet Licenses

A spayed/neutered dog is $16.00 for one calendar year with proof of rabies vaccination. ($8 for seniors 65+)
An unaltered dog is $40.00 for one calendar year with proof of rabies vaccination.

Impact Fees

The City of La Center has Impact fees for Traffic, School and Parks. Impact fees are collected to offset the impact to the community from new development. As our community grows, it is important to realize that there are real costs associated with growth. If we fail to fairly apportion the cost of new development to those who create the impact, the general taxpayer will be left to pick up a disproportionate share of the costs associated with new development. Impact fees are paid by the developer or builder of each individual dwelling and are in addition to the permit process.

Building Permits

The Building staff administers the City's building, plumbing, mechanical and fire codes programs, including all plan check functions, codes administration, permit issuance, inspections, record keeping and public information. These permits ensure the health and welfare of the residents of La Center by regulating the construction, use and occupancy of buildings. The department upholds the standards set by City codes through plan review, permit issuance and on-site inspections.

For a complete list of all City Fees, click here.