Planning Commission

The La Center Planning Commission consists of seven, non-paid, citizen volunteers from the City of La Center. Its goal is to serve the present and future needs of The City of La Center by being a positive link between our community and city government and to address issues and regulations affecting the health, safety and well being of all residents, both residential and commercial.

The Planning Commission’s role includes analyzing and organizing information and data relating to land use and forwarding its recommendations to the La Center City Council, which makes the final decisions. This involves matters dealing with zoning, transportation, public safety and the overall health and vitality of the city itself. The Planning Commission reviews existing policies, requests and recommendations from La Center citizens, and inquiries from owners and developers of potentially annexable properties. The Planning Commission must help guide decisions that impact the City’s budget.

The City of La Center Planning Commission meetings are held, in general, the second Tuesday of each month and are open to the public. We encourage all its citizens to attend to provide their recommendations and comments about the future of La Center.

Commission Members

Daina Mclean, Chairperson
Term: Jan. 2017 through Dec. 2021

Shirin Elkoshairi
Term: January 2021 through January 2025

Dennis Nuttbrock
Term: January 2021 through January 2025

Jeremy Smith
Term: January 2021 through January 2025

Steve Workman
Term: January 2017 through December 2021



Current Projects

City of La Center Chapter 18.40 Building Height Code Update

The City of La Center is updating the definition of “Building Height” in the code to match what is contained in the International Building Code. The new definition will measure building height to the highest roof surface from “grade plane” on the site which is an average of finished ground elevation adjoining the building at the exterior walls. For sloped sites, grade plane will be established using the lowest elevation between the building and the property lines or a point six feet from the building where the lot line is further than six feet away.

  • Building Height LCMC Chapter 18.40 Update
  • City of La Center Chapter 18.60 Development Agreement Code Updates

    The City of La Center is updating its code pertaining to Development Agreements contained in LCMC 18.60. The purpose of the code update is to provide more specificity regarding what provisions of the City's development code can be modified under a development agreement by.

  • SEPA Determination of Non-Significance
  • Development Agreement Code Revisions
  • Environmental Checklist
  • Stay Connected

    The City has is utilizing a CivivWeb Portal for Planning Commission and City Council meetings. Packet materials are now avaiable online by clicking the CivicWeb icon below.

    Community Survey Results

    Recently the Planning Commission has been asking for feedback on how the City should plan for our City's future. The survey's have been flooding in and we appreciate your feedback. Here is a link to the results from our latest three surveys regarding housing, economic development and our parks and trails.


    Please contact Sarah Dollar, Permit Technician