Wastewater Utility

The City of La Center provides wastewater collection, treatment and disposal services for users of the wastewater utility.

The City of La Center strives to provide the safest and most reliable services to our citizens, while maintaining policies and practices that protect the environment, and promote the health and welfare of the community at a fair and equitable cost.

Utility Billing
214 E 4th Street
La Center, WA 98629

Billing Inquiries: 360-263-2782

Lydia Fowler lfowler@ci.lacenter.wa.us


Utility Operations
101 Aspen Avenue
La Center, WA 98629

Operations Inquiries: 360-263-3335

Matt Jenkins mjenkins@ci.lacenter.wa.us>

Sewer Emergencies:
Business Hours: 6am-4:30pm
Cell Phone: 360-605-2269