City Planning Services ~ 2016 Land Use Applications

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TDS Short Plat

Riverside Estates

Ellertson Property Zone Change

La Center Road Sanitary Sewer Construction

RK Land Development - Boundary Line Adjustment

Clark Public Utilities Enterprise Transmission Line

Aspen Heights Zone Change

Waliezer Subdivision

Pre-Application Conference

Looney – Legal Lot Determination

La Center Juction Zone Change

Highland Terrace - Critical Area Review

LCMC 15.05 Building and Specialty Codes

La Center High School Field House

Aspen Heights Subdivision

Wolverton Annexation

Dana Heights Subdivision

Pacific Highway Sewer Reconstruction

Salishan-Mohegan, LLC - Critical Area Review for I-5 Interchage

Comprehensive Plan Text and Map Update

New Trail Segments and Lewis River Park

Annexation for Goode and La Center Pacific LLC Property Owners

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