City Planning at the I-5 Junction

Over the past decade the City of La Center has worked to diversify our economy and create local jobs. The I-5 junction is the highway for commerce and conveniently located in between two major metropolitan cities and many ports. Development of the junction area is critical to the long term economic independence for the City of La Center. The City is committed to smart development along the I-5 corridor and look forward to working with property owners and developers to help shape our community.

Strategic Economic Development Plans

Economic Development Strategic Action Study
In 2008 the City of La Center worked with Angelou Economics to conduct a study on the long term economic development of our community. The City wanted a plan that would maintain the unique community that we treasure, while also diversifying our tax base and providing local jobs.

La Center Junction Subarea Plan
In 2010 the City of La Center created a subarea plan for the I-5 junction to create a roadmap for development. We identified necessary infrastructure, evaluated the pro's and con's of various industries. Our goal is to expand our small but growing commercial and industrial areas.

La Center I-5 Junction Sewer Study

2008 Comprehensive Plan

2008 Capital Facilities Plan

2016 Comprehensive Plan

Next Steps - Infrastructure

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