Community Development Building Services

Our Community Development team is here to provide quality services to the community in a manner that is comprehensive, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. Community Development is responsible for enforcing the City's building and specialty codes, as well as permitting and inspections. From examining plans to maintaining construction records, this department ensures the saftey and well being of the citizens of La Center.

Building permits are required for new construction and most alterations to existing buildings in the City of La Center.

Questions: If you're not sure about something, please contact us first, before commencing activities.

Building Inspections

Inspection Number: 360-263-6702

Inspections must be requested by voicemail to the Building Inspection Phone Line; 360-263-6702 When requesting an inspection, please provide the following information.

  • Permit Number
  • Site Address
  • Type of Inspection
  • If it is a time sensitive inspection (i.e. concrete), please indicate what time the work is scheduled If you have additional questions about how to schedule inspections, please feel free to contact the Building Department at 360-263-7665.

  • Checklist for New Single Family Residence Building Permits

    The following is a Single Family Residence Building Packet that includes a checklist of what you will need to provide us:
    • Master Residential Permit Application Packet
    • To save this file Adobe Reader will be needed. The file will not open on a web browser.

      1. Save the file to directly to the computer.

      2. Open the file from the saved location on the computer.

    Master Residential Building Application

    The following is for use on all Residential Permits (Plumbing, Mechanical, Sheds, etc.)

    Master Commercial Building Application

    The following is for use on all Commercial Permits (Plumbing, Mechanical, Sheds, etc.)

    Meet our Team

    Public Works Director, P.E., Bryan Kast
    Assistant Public Works Director, City Engineer, P.E., Tony Cooper
    Building Official, John Wilson
    - Office phone: 360-263-2701 - Cell phone: 360-836-9651
    Permit Technician, Jessica Nash