City Planning Services ~ Current Land Use Applications


Riverside Estates Subdivision Phase IV Park

Minit Management Redevelopment Project

Schlentz Annexation


Peterson Boundary Line Adjustment

Transportation Capital Facilities Plan Update

Faust Critical Area Review

Conner-Harrison Annexation/Rezone

Peterson Annexation/Rezone

Highland Terrace Subdivision Phase I

Schwarz Bed & Breakfast

Minit Management - Pre-Application Conference

Riverside Estates Post Decision Review

Holley Subdivision

Riverside Estates Phase III Apartments

  • La Center Multi-Family Apartments SEPA DNS and Site Plan Review Notice Signed
  • Riverside Estates Phase III Apartments Applications
  • Pre-Application Conference
  • Pre-Application Conference Report
  • Riverside Multi-Family Apartments Site Plans
  • La Center Multi-Family-Type II Site Plan Application Project Narrative
  • Certified List of Names and Addresses within 300' Radius
  • Developer's GIS Packet
  • Legal Description of Tract J
  • SEPA-Enironmental Checklist
  • Riverside Traffic Analysis Report 06-04-19
  • Pre-Application Conference Report
  • La Center Multi-Family Apartments Stormwater Design Letter
  • Preliminary Development Agreement
  • Country Hill Estates Pre-Application Conference

  • Country Hill Estates Pre-Application Materials
  • Pre-Application Report
  • Heritage Center Building B SEPA & Type II Site Plan Review

  • Heritage Building B - SEPA DNS
  • Notice of Decision
  • Draft Critical Areas Ordinance; Chapter 18.300

  • Best Avaliable Science Report
  • Ecology Comments
  • Department of Commerce Letter
  • Critical Area Code Update DNS Cover
  • Critical Area Code Update SEPA_DNS
  • La Center Final BAS Report
  • LCMC 18.300 Amendments
  • VanVessum Tree Cutting

  • VanVessum SEPA DNS
  • VanVessum Tree Cutting SEPA Checklist
  • Final Notice of Decision - DNS
  • Lockwood Meadows Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

  • Lockwood Meadows Subdivision Application
  • Lockwood Meadows Subdivision Site Plans
  • Pre-Application Conference Notice
  • Pre-Application Conference Report
  • Cottage Housing Code

    Outdoor Lighting Code

    Temporary Needs Housing


    Riverside Estates Post Decision Review

    Holley Subdivision

    Peterson Annexation

    Heritage Center Building B

    All Lil Cuties Daycare Home Occupation

    Holley Annexation

    La Center Middle School - Conditional Use Application