Public Works City Planning Services ~ Current Land Use Applications


Clark Public Utilities - Transmission Line

Kays Subdivision Final Plat

Pacific View Pre-Application Conference

4th Street and Pacific Highway Roundabout-SEPA DNS

Stephens Hillside Estates Subdivision

Transportation Element of the Capital Facilities Plan

Utility Distribution and Transmission

Country Hills Subdivision - Pre-Application Conference

Colf Short Plat


Sunrise Terrace Post Decision Review

Riverside Estates Subdivision Appeal

La Center School District - Bolen Annexation

Stephens Hillside Farm - Pre-Application Conference

Prouty Annexation

Maze - Pre-Application Conference

Stephens - Rerick Annexation

Lockwood Creek Road Multifamily-Pre-Application Conference

SEPA-DNS Wolverton Annexation and Rezone

Riverside Estate Subdivision

Old Steenson Boats & United Salvage Property Grading Permit

La Center Water Trail Park

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